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Learning magic vs Exposure

Every magician learns magic from somewhere. The chances of a complete newbie locking themselves in a room or a week and emerging having creating a handful of magic tricks with no prior knowledge is unlikely. So, magicians have to learn magic from somewhere. Most of the time, this is from:

  • Other Magicians

  • Magic Shops

  • Magic DVDs

  • Magic Videos

  • Magic Sets

  • Magic Books

  • Magicians at Weddings

  • Magicians at Parties

If a magicians shows you a trick and them teaches you the method, is this exposure? Probably not, if you have a genuine interest in learning magic and want to learn the method to perform to other people....

If a magician levitates a card, and then shows you it was a piece of thread holding it up, is that exposure? Likely yes, as the goal is to simply show you how it is done, with no actual lesson or training.

Put simply, if someone shows you how a trick is done for the sake of it, for his/her own entertainment or just to show off, its exposure. If someone shows you how a trick is done with the intention of teaching it to you to perform, this is learning magic and not exposre. Intent is everything!

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