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What do Wedding Magicians do?

Wedding magicians have a few aims:

  • Entertain guests during quieter points of the day, such as while photos are being taken or lunch is being prepared.

  • Help guests who perhaps do not know each other to mix and mingle.

  • Help add some extra excitement and entertainment during the evening with some close up magic


Q: Do Wedding Magicians do Close Up magic only?

A: Some do! Some magicians specialise in close up magic, such as tricks with cards, coins etc only performed to a few people at any one time

Q: Do Wedding Magicians perform stage shows?

A: Again, some do! Its doubtful you will see a magician wheeling in a full illusion show, but some magicians do have a set of larger tricks that can be done in a performance, usually 30 mins or so.

Q: What type of magic does Ben do?

A: Ben performs both types of magic, both stage and close up. The vast majority of Bens clients for wedding magic only want close up magic. Some do request a stage show, but finding space and time during your evening can be tricky sometimes.

Q: Where does Ben perform Wedding Magic?

A: Ben performs wedding magic anywhere in the UK & beyond? Ben is based in Staffordshire which is a great centeral location, as he is close by to many major cities, making him a great choice as a Staffordshire Magician, Sheffield Magician, Nottingham Magician, Manchester Magician, Derbyshire Magician ect.

If you have any question about how a Wedding Magician works, please get in touch!

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